Gallery link file где шаблон

Important to note however is: Grav does not provide lightbox-functionality out of the box, you need a plugin for this. Also some file types that could be uploaded in the past can no longer be uploaded, but the files already uploaded can still be used. SVG images uploaded earlier can be linked to, but not be directly embedded, e.g. Media:Wikipedia3fnlc1.svg (image description page) — see also m:SVG image support. Supported Lists, libraries, external lists, data source connections, list views and data views, custom forms, workflows, content types, custom actions, navigation, site pages, master pages, modules, and web templates. This is for wikis that support embedding external images — which is most personal, corporate and organizational wikis based on MediaWiki. Click the file you want to work with. In the Content Manager toolbar, click the drop-down menu next to View Details, and choose Copy URL. Click X in the upper-right corner to return to the Code Editor.

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